Our Producers



Nestled on the picturesque East Coast of Tasmania, Bicheno Berries and Blooms is a small family business dedicated to celebrating the rich flavours and abundant produce of our beloved island. As professional chefs who fell in love with Tassie over a decade ago, they have embraced the local bounty, growing and sourcing the finest ingredients Tasmania has to offer.
Bicheno Berries and Blooms, pride themselves on taking the freshest seasonal produce and preserving it at its peak through dehydration and freeze-drying. This process locks in all the nutritional value and flavour, ensuring you experience the best of Tasmania year round. Whether you’re looking to enhance your breakfast, salads, baking, or even your favourite beverages, their products are designed to inspire creativity and elevate your culinary adventures.
Join us in celebrating the vibrant tastes of Tasmania, and let your imagination run wild with their versatile and delicious offerings.


We are so excited about local producer 'Sonny & Bear's', where passion meets flavour in every jar. The business name pays homage to the bond between it's founder, nicknamed 'Sonny' by his father, and his loyal Hungarian Vizsla companion, 'Bear'.
Based on the picturesque East Coast of Tasmania, Sonny & Bear's is dedicated to crafting 'Tassie Gourmet Creations' that showcase the region's finest produce. What makes his story really inspiring is that he sources ingredients from small farms and neighbouring local backyard growers, ensuring freshness and supporting his community.
Originally hailing from NSW, he honed his culinary skills as a chef in one of the Northern Beaches' premier restaurants. There, he mastered the art of creating dishes bursting with flavours from market-fresh fruits and vegetables, a tradition he continues in his creations today.
With a strong history as a seasoned traveller, his global experiences have influenced his sauce creations, resulting in unique flavours that are a testament to his culinary expertise.
Watch this space for more delicious products from Sonny & Bear's, we can't wait to showcase them here!




This is one of our much respected local East Coast producers, this lovely couple, an experienced chef and pastry chef team originally from Taiwan, they now create delectable treats on the picturesque east coast of Tasmania.

Tutumaz & De Devil takes its name from the indigenous language of Taiwan, signifying ‘Taiwanese black bear,’ reminiscent of the iconic Tasmanian Devil with its black fur and distinctive white V-shaped collar. This name reflects the special connection between Tasmania and their Taiwanese heritage.




‘A Piece of Tassie’ is a proud Tasmanian business, a beautiful couple who started in 2014 following much thought about wishing to promote and share with everyone their love for all things chocolate.

We offer a range of five delicious flavours of the smoothest handmade fudge available straight from beautiful sunny Bicheno on Tasmania's majestic east coast.

A Piece of Tassie specialises in the process of whisking the fudge by hand using Tasmania's best available cream. This fudge is like no other you've tasted - with not a machine in sight throughout its preparation, our customers experience the true love and passion that has been put into this delicately sweet and palatable indulgence.




We are excited to offer all five delicious flavours that are extremely Moorish, savoury and sweet handmade popcorn varieties from the awesome minds of two innovative female business owners that currently sell their popcorn at Salamanca Markets, Hobart.

Island popcorn showcases the distinct flavours of this island, they coat and season their popcorn in small batches using a wide range of high quality Tasmanian ingredients.




We are proud to currently provide six gourmet jams and four mustards from the Tasmanian Gourmet Sauce Company, a true Tassie producer, operating for 30 years, they too also strive to support Tasmanian growers and have been able to access the best of Tasmania’s fruit and vegetable harvest.

Tasmanian ingredients with no added colours, artificial flavours, fillers or preservatives.




Villino was established in 2007 and quickly became a key influencer of the specialty coffee scene in Tasmania. Villino is one of the longest-running and largest coffee roasters & wholesalers in Tasmania. 

We love this product because they are Nespresso* Compatible, 100% Biodegradable, Compostable, and Delicious.



The definition of a yummy breakfast, hearty healthy snacks and essential platter items which are lovingly produced by Divine Addictions, a small family operated business, producing quality gourmet foods, located in the picturesque hamlet of Woodbridge in Southern Tasmania.




A Tasmanian family owned and operated on farm dairy manufacturers since 1908.

There are six farms and five dairies in the Ashgrove family. A Tasmanian cool temperate climate nurtures slow-growing grasses that are naturally packed with nutrition. The lucky cows graze these lush pastures in expansive, open paddocks, free to roam as nature intended.