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Tutumaz & De Devil

Premium 54% Dark Chocolate Bar - Mandarin

Premium 54% Dark Chocolate Bar - Mandarin

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Made in Bicheno, East Coast Tasmania

Indulge in the exquisite luxury of this premium 54% Dark Chocolate bar, crafted with the finest freeze-dried mandarins from Bicheno, Tasmania. Savour the perfect balance of rich, velvety chocolate and the vibrant citrus burst of real mandarins, creating a tantalising symphony of flavours in every bite.

With sustainability in mind this product range come in 100% home compostable packaging, ensuring that your love for chocolate doesn't harm the environment. With a dairy-free and gluten-free recipe, these chocolate bars cater to a wide range of dietary preferences without compromising on quality or taste. Elevate your snacking experience with Tutumaz & De Devil's delicious and eco-friendly chocolate bars today.

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