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We Love to Support Local

Looking to send a gift to loved ones or something for your work family? Our local Tasmanian made products are the perfect choice. You have the freedom to customise your order with your favourite items - your preferences matter most. Let's get adventurous with these local Tasmanian gourmet delights!

Every single item has been carefully selected for its unmatched quality and we are proud to include some delicious products not available anywhere else to purchase online.

Our range of individual products and Tassie medleys cater to every budget, ensuring that they are not only affordable but also feature top quality items, making each one a truly exceptional purchase.

We always endeavour for our customers to:

  • Enjoy exclusive online product variety
  • Celebrate local food talent and generations of tradition
  • Experience the artistry of handcrafted delights made from locally sourced ingredients.
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