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J.E & C.J. Dicker

Tasmanian Bush Honey by Local Bicheno Beekeeper - 500g

Tasmanian Bush Honey by Local Bicheno Beekeeper - 500g

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Experience the pure taste of Tasmania with our exquisite Tasmanian Bush Honey, meticulously crafted by local Bicheno beekeeper John.

Sourced from the pristine Chain of Lagoons region, this honey has been traditionally jarred in Bicheno for nearly 60 years, embodying a rich heritage of quality and authenticity.

Our Tasmanian Bush Honey is a testament to the island's lush flora and John's dedication to sustainable beekeeping practices. Each jar captures the unique flavours of Tasmania's native blossoms, offering a smooth, aromatic sweetness that is perfect for your morning toast, tea, or delicious meal creations.

Support local producers and savour the essence of Tasmania with every spoonful of this premium bush honey. Ideal as a gift or a delightful addition to your pantry, this honey is a true reflection of Tasmania's natural beauty.

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