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Pure Tassie

Pure Tassie Sparkling Water 350ml

Pure Tassie Sparkling Water 350ml

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Pure Tassie Sparkling Water, where every drop is a testament to the pristine beauty of South West Tasmania's World Heritage Wilderness Area. The water embarks on a journey unlike any other, beginning high in the majestic mountains of Mt Fields National Park.

As it cascades through nature's own filtration system, flowing through a labyrinth of ancient limestone caves, Pure Tassie Water undergoes a natural purification process that enhances its purity and enriches its taste. Emerging from these mountain springs, the water carries with it the essence of untouched wilderness and the crispness of Tasmanian air.

Sourced sustainably and bottled with care, Pure Tassie Water is more than just hydration—it's a celebration of Tasmania's unspoiled landscapes and its commitment to preserving nature's gifts.

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